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Healthy Weight Loss You Know

Many people think that dairy products can make people fat and unhealthy. If you say that melamine milk is unhealthy, I don't object. But other healthy dairy products will not make people fat. Calcium and vitamin D in dairy products are necessary for human body. If you don't eat dairy products for a long time, you will lack calcium.
Low-fat or non-fat foods don't have any calories, they can't. Although low-fat, many low-fat foods will add a lot of sugar, which will increase the calories of the food rather than decrease, so low-fat foods can not make you lose your fat.
Can vegetarians really lose weight? I used to think so, and I did it, but it really didn't work. First of all, it won't keep your body healthy, and it's harmful to your health, and vegetarianism will make you rebound, so don't just eat vegetarian.