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What to eat can alleviate constipation

01 1 In fact, constipation is often related to the patient's unhealthy living habits. People who are often constipated should drink plenty of water first, and eat more foods with high cellulose content, such as eating more vegetables and fruits.
02 2 The celery, spinach, and black fungus in life are very good vegetables. They are also very good for relieving constipation, because their fiber content is relatively high, which can promote the gastrointestinal motility.
03 3 It is also very important to develop a habit of adhering to exercise in daily life. In fact, if people do not exercise for a long time, it will cause slow gastrointestinal motility, and constipation will eventually form, so it’s okay.
04 Constipation is still very harmful to our health, especially the harm to the intestines. We know that defecation is actually detoxification. If the toxins in constipation are not discharged, it will cause disease.