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What are the five best ways to supplement sperm?

To say whether we can have a healthy child, the most important thing is to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy, but some diseases will always cause infertility, which can not be normal pregnancy, such as women's egg problems, abnormal fallopian tubes and some gynecological diseases, but for men that is also the case. Sample, male vas deferens blockage, and most importantly, sperm abnormalities can cause male infertility. Fewer sperm, poor sperm quality are all problems. Let's see what we eat to supplement sperm.
Speaking of sperm tonic methods, we have to say that vitamin E supplementation can supplement sperm, which is an element that can promote sperm production. Can also enhance sperm vitality, this time want to supplement this, through food regulation, you can eat more lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables containing more vitamin E.
Diet can regulate the amount of sperm, in addition to vitamin-rich foods, food containing sex hormones can also play a role, that is, diet properly increased some food such as sheep kidney, pig kidney, dog testis, bullwhip, chicken liver, these foods are very beneficial to spermatogenesis, has a good role in sperm tonifying.
In addition to the above foods, eating high quality protein and arginine can also supplement sperm, that is, you can eat lean meat, pig * s spinal cord, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken and ducks, eggs, fish and shrimp, bean products, etc., and also eat eels, black fish, ginseng, tendons and bean products. Besides these, there are foods with high zinc content.
Generally speaking, besides eating the food mentioned above, we should know that sperm supplementation can be achieved. Living habits also play a role in sperm protection. At this time, we should stop smoking and drinking, keep exercising, and do not stay up late at night. These habits are not good for sperm protection, but sperm supplementation is one of them. A long-term process needs to be supported.