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How to eat dried longan

01 1 We directly remove the skin of the longan, then dial directly with the red dates, then put the appropriate water, cook for half an hour, then we will find that its color has changed, this time you can add some other
02 2 Before going to bed every night, eating a few longan can play a certain role in our sleep, can raise the heart and calm the nerves, because female friends often have heart palpitations, or insomnia, we can eat dried longan, can
03 3 Regular consumption of dried longan can also play the role of skin care and beauty. Female friends can use dried longan, and the effect of eating dried longan is very large. It can stabilize our mind and play a certain role in blood and brain.
04 What we said above is the advantage of eating dried longan. When using dried longan, we should pay attention not to use too much. If we eat too much, it will affect our health.