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What are the ways women remove armpit odor?

For many friends who suffer from axillary osmidrosis, this disease brings great harm to patients. It not only seriously endangers the health of patients, but also has a great impact on the life and work of patients. In daily life, many friends with axillary osmidrosis are suffering from this disease. Friends are more embarrassed, so the treatment of axillary osmidrosis has become a topic of concern. Now Xiaobian and everyone to understand, in daily life, what can be done to alleviate axillary osmidrosis.
First of all, we should all have a certain understanding of the impact of axillary osmidrosis on people, axillary osmidrosis not only seriously affects the lives and work of patients, but also brings certain harm to the health of patients, so in daily life we must timely alleviate treatment.
Secondly, in our daily life, for patients with armpit osmidrosis, what can be done to reduce armpit osmidrosis? Drink more water; eat less strong or stimulating food; bathe regularly above these methods are more effective for alleviating axillary osmidrosis, people can have a certain understanding and understanding.
Finally, friends of patients with axillary osmidrosis must pay more attention in their daily life. They can be alleviated by some dietary therapy. They should mainly eat light food, eat more food which is good for their health, and avoid touching some stimulating food.
Through the above introduction, we all have a certain understanding of how to alleviate axillary osmidrosis. In our daily life, friends suffering from axillary osmidrosis should be treated in time, and they can go to the hospital in time for better treatment.
Make sure your stool is smooth everyday. Eat more food that is good for defecation, such as bananas or some fresh vegetables with green leaves. Eat less spicy and stimulating food, pepper, onion, ginger and garlic. It's better to give up smoking and alcohol, because feces can discharge toxins and reduce body odor.
Axillary hair should not be pulled out frequently. In summer, female friends will think that the axillary hair is not good-looking and will be shaved or pulled out. This is absolutely undesirable, because the axillary hair will grow out at intervals. Like a man's beard, the more dense the shaving is, because its hair follicles are enlarged, so it is more likely to cause armpit odor.
Clothes should be loose and comfortable, do not wear tight clothes, because the contact between clothes and skin is too tight, not easy to discharge sweat, but conducive to the growth of bacteria, so it is easier to produce armpit odor, so we must wear loose clothes, in addition to personal hygiene must do a good job, frequent bathing, frequent changing clothes, armpit must use soap. Clean and keep axilla dry and ventilated