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Psoriasis diet attention

01 Psoriasis The biggest harm to patients is psychological. They often make them afraid to go out, don't want to communicate with others, and even have other complications. I think it is terrible. I hope everyone has a certain psoriasis.
02 Proper intake of unsaturated fatty acids has an effect on psoriasis. If the intake of fatty acids in the usual diet is too small, the intake of various fruits is insufficient or the water is not enough, it is easy to form vitamins, water and oil.
03 Psoriasis is an immunodeficiency disease, so improving immunity is very supportive for the early healing of psoriasis. The enrichment of the nutrients needed for the body to strengthen the resistance is a nervous way to improve the immunity.
04 Drink more glucose water or eat a piece of chocolate. If you allow you to increase calories, it will help you to improve your meticulousness, image and enhance your happiness. You should eat some fruits for half an hour after meals to supplement potassium and sodium.
05 glutinous rice can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, play a role in diuresis and swelling, and help patients with psoriasis to improve edema-type obesity. glutinous rice water is a good detoxification method for patients with psoriasis, and it is also very simple to directly use glutinous rice with boiling water.