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7 simple little moves to stay longevity

01 远眺. 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺 眺
02 Ha gas. After getting up in the morning, go to the fresh air, open the mouth to the maximum extent, then close it outwards, and gently slam the teeth when you close your mouth. This action can stimulate the brain through the reflection of facial nerves.
03 pharynx. Chinese medicine believes that saliva is full, slowly swallowing, can run the five internal organs, raise the skin, and make people live longer. The specific method is that the lips are slightly closed, the whole body is relaxed, and the tongue is stirred by the tongue, usually around the upper and lower teeth, first
04 Moer. Ear is a kidney outside the brain, it is the brain, it is the collection of meridians and meridians. Frequently, the ear can dredge the meridians, ventilate blood, balance yin and yang, enhance hearing, and cure health. The actions of Moore include:
05 Turn neck. Long-term incorrect posture can lead to related tissue hyperplasia, injury and eventually lead to cervical spondylosis. Older friends can do more neck exercises. The movement is very simple, complete the neck flexion, extension, left-handed, right-handed, etc.
06 Bumping fist. \"Theories of various diseases\
07 lame. Older friends after a long sedentary, it is best to do a \"squat\" exercise, so that the blood flow of the lower limbs is smooth, not only can avoid lower limbs soreness and numbness, but also can eliminate the sudden standing and black eyes, dizzy eyes