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What to drink can be beauty and help digestion

Wanting to tighten the skin, having a young look is what every woman wants. In the face of beauty and beauty, many women pay a lot of money, because they want to have a healthy complexion, beautiful face, it is necessary to pay
Carrot is a kind of food that nourishes and detoxifies. Carrots often can spleen and stomach. Because carrots are called small ginseng, they are rich in vitamins, trace elements and certain sugars.
Lily also has the function of beauty and beauty. Lily can not only be used as a medicinal material, but also can be used as a beauty tea. Drinking a cup of lily tea every day has a certain effect on the treatment of chloasma caused by pigmentation. Chrysanthemum tea not only has a clear purpose, but also
You can also eat lychee, because there are very rich vitamins, pectins, free amino acids and protein and a variety of vitamin trace elements in the lychee. Regular consumption of lychee can improve the function of our liver in a timely manner, and can also accelerate detoxification and beauty.
If you want to beautify your beauty, we should first adjust from the diet to not overeating. It should be very good to eat more light foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. It is also very important to develop good habits in daily life.