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How is the genital wart on the glans judged?

One thing I have been bothering recently. When I was sexually insulted with my girlfriend last time, the glans felt pain, and then there was a broken skin. Later, some small pieces of meat appeared on the glans, and
The patient suspects that he has a genital wart virus. Condyloma acuminata can be examined and tested by HPV-DNA. Of course, it is simple to use white vinegar. White vinegar can't be used by us. You can go to the pharmacy to buy medical vinegar.
After the patient has prepared the white vinegar, the white acetic acid can be used as the identification solution of the condyloma acuminata. It is recommended to first soak a piece of gauze or paper towel in the white acetic acid for a few minutes, and then directly attach it to the affected part of the small particle.
If it is observed after five minutes that the patient's white small particles are white, that is, it becomes white, then it can be easily judged that the patient is diagnosed with condyloma acuminata, and if it is negative, it will not change color.
If the patient is checking for genital warts, don't care too much. In fact, if you are sick, you need treatment. There is nothing to lose face. If you delay for a long time, it may have a big impact. Now, many immunotherapy, if it is