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Need to pay attention in autumn and winter, children are susceptible to 10 kinds of skin diseases

01 Chickenpox. Symptoms: Chickenpox is called “Four Generations” by the child dermatologist because it usually has four major symptoms of skin disease within 24 hours of fever – rash, pimples, herpes and crusting.
02 Measles. Symptoms: Unlike chickenpox, children with measles usually have a fever for the first 3 days, and they start to have a rash on the 4th day. They often start from behind the ear and gradually develop red maculopapular and measles mucosal spots through the head and face.
03 Rubella. Symptoms: The clinical symptoms of rubella are very similar to measles, but lighter than measles. The density of rash is not as high as measles. It has cough, runny, sneezing, sore throat, loss of appetite, and often swollen lymph nodes behind the ear and back of the pillow.
04 Children's acute rash. Symptoms: sudden high fever 39 ~ 40 ° C, after 3 to 5 days after the fever, from the body torso slowly to the face, limbs, systemic rose rash, so the disease is also known as the rose
05 Scarlet fever. Symptoms: Children with fever, sore throat symptoms, diffuse congestion of the whole body skin during the day of onset, and a red rash on the tip of the needle, red bloody skin between the rash and the rash, the rash will be on the neck
06 Diaper rash dermatitis. Symptoms: Most babies have had diaper rash dermatitis, so when parents find that the baby's small butt is red and swollen, sometimes accompanied by a pink packet, don't be too self-blaming. In addition to not changing diapers and urine in time.
07 Tongue dermatitis. Symptoms: Many parents found that in the winter, a small red spotted rash and small papules often appear around the child's lips, and the skin has cleft palate, sometimes with small desquamation. After careful observation, they understand.
08 infant eczema. Infant eczema commonly known as \"milk mites\
09 Frostbite. Symptoms: The back of the baby's back and the back of the ear are red and swollen. It is like a little girl with erythema and cleft palate. The baby is desperately scratching. Because of the itching, burning and painful feelings, the catch will be festering. After the weather turns,
10 white pityriasis. Symptoms: also known as simple pityriasis, can cause white spots on the face of children. So far the cause is unknown, more common in children and teenagers, but more obvious in winter and spring.