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How to repair old burn scars

Regarding the removal of scars, it has always been a topic of concern for many girls. Traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine is still used for surgery to scar, scars have destroyed all these beauty, surgery is not the best choice, with some small methods in life.
Since the scar is caused by the uneven growth of the new tissue, you can use the massage method to massage the sputum, which is good for many aspects of the body. It is no exception to the scar. Therefore, the massage can effectively restore the vitality of the local tissue.
Slice the fresh ginger, then rub the scar with ginger, and then apply the ginger to the scar for a while, repeat two or three times, and you can also use the ginger slice method. This method is expensive and long-lasting.
Add an egg white, pour out the prepared liquid, add it to the barley powder and mix well. In addition, you can also use the onion and egg white powder to remove the scar, and then apply the paste to the scar like a mask.
You can use some of the methods of life to play a sly effect. I hope my advice can help you. The scars still affect a person's overall beauty. If the scar is removed, it will help a person to be cheerful.