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The athlete's foot is always bad 8 remedies to cure athlete's foot

01 In summer, the ankle is guilty. You can wash your feet and dry them. Then apply the oil to the affected area once or twice a day. Generally, it will be effective several times.
02 You can cure your athlete's foot by washing your feet with eggplant root and salt water.
03 The foot has athlete's foot and ankles, which can be cured by grinding with raw garlic.
04 Green tea contains tannic acid, which has antibacterial effect, especially for treating Hong Kong feet.
05 I have been ill for many years, can be coated with toothpaste, the effect is very effective.
06 vinegar will be adjusted into a paste, applied to the affected area. With the use, light one time, heavy 2 times to 3 times can be more.
07 Take the cigarette ash and remove it from the wet itchy toes. It can cure the itching between the toes.
08 Take 1000 grams of Maifan stone, add 2000 grams of boiling water soaked, use this water to scrub the feet, hemorrhoids, eczema, scorpion and other diseases every day, with significant effect.