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How to deal with common skin diseases in autumn

01 Baby eczema. Baby eczema is also called milk thistle. It usually appears on the baby's cheeks and eyebrows. It is red mound. This eczema will make the baby very painful. They will always cry because of this. The appearance of milk thistle and the baby's
02 Baby long scorpion. Scorpion often appears in the summer, because the weather is too hot, the baby's skin is not sweaty. The autumn is cool, but it is easy to grow the scorpion. Because the mother will wear thick clothes for the baby, but at noon in autumn.
03 The baby is dry and desquamation in autumn. The baby's skin is full of water. It is easy to desiccate in the dry autumn. The most common part is in the palm and sole of the baby. This is the most common phenomenon of irritability.
04 Miliary rash on the bridge of the nose. Miliary rash is a small white spot on the bridge of the baby's nose. It is usually caused by the baby's sweat glands and sebum obstruction. It is also related to the climate of autumn. After the emergence of miliary rash, the baby can not be squeezed first.