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What should I pay attention to when my baby has eczema?

What should you pay attention to when your baby has eczema care? This should be a problem that many parents want to know after suffering from eczema. Your baby should be careful in many aspects of eczema. Your baby's skin is still delicate and has eczema.
Many parents like to eat eggs for their babies, because eggs are nutritious, but parents should know that eggs are easy to cause allergies, so try to avoid letting your baby eat eggs after your baby has eczema. If you want to feed your baby to eat eggs, you can start eating a small amount.
Some people may have symptoms of allergies to milk, so during the period when the baby has eczema, parents should pay more attention when giving milk to the baby. If the baby has symptoms of milk allergy, cook the milk a few times and change it.
The baby will have itchy eczema, so parents should always pay attention to the baby's hand, do not let the baby scratch the affected area of ​​eczema, in order to avoid scratching the skin infection, you can use soft cloth to loosely wrap your hands, but you should observe and prevent
In addition, if your baby has eczema, if you are still breastfeeding, then your mother should pay attention. During this period, do not eat foods that cause allergies such as fish and shrimp.