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TCM syndrome differentiation treatment of hemorrhoids

01 Pulmonary heat and blood. Facial acne is mainly red pimples, acne and pustules, with greasy and a little red nodules, dry mouth, upset, insomnia, dry red, red tongue yellow, pulse number. Yi Xuan lung heat
02 spleen and stomach heat. The rash is red, accompanied by food, and the belly is full, the stool is secret, the tongue is red and yellow, the pulse slips or the number of turns. Yiqing heats the wet and sputum. The prescription is Sanhuang Pill and Yinchen
03 heat. Hemorrhoids occur and light weight and menstrual cycle are obviously related, often accompanied by irregular menstruation, emotional discomfort, breast pain and other discomfort, red tongue yellowish yellow, pulse string count. Yiqing detoxification. Recipe two