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Treatment of chloasma

Because my aunt is older, the pigmentation of the skin on the face causes some melasma on the skin. I can't wash it with the facial cleanser, and I don't dare to use some ointment to the chloasma. I am afraid that it is not good for the skin.
Milk paste, or porridge water can remove chloasma, go to the supermarket to buy some walnuts, milk, soy milk, black sesame seeds, and white sugar, each of which can be put into the pot together with 50 or so, add some sugar according to personal taste,
Rare rice water, put more water every morning when you cook porridge, cook the porridge and let the temper cool (when it is cool), wait until it is warm, you will find a thin film on the porridge, light
Eat more lemons, lemons contain a lot of vitamins C, B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, is a beauty saint sought after by many people who love beauty. It has a very good whitening effect. Cut the lemon into small pieces and put them in the container.
Patients with chloasma should pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, try not to bask in the sun, and do not face the radiation of relatively large electronic products, these will affect the metabolism of the skin. I hope the above content can help everyone.