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Women drink red wine to lose weight but there are 3 taboos for drinking wine

Nowadays women like to drink some red wine to nourish or lose weight. This shows that women nowadays are more and more healthy. It is indeed a good phenomenon worth promoting. Drinking red wine does have the effect of beauty and correct drinking.
When drinking wine, be careful not to eat with red meat. Because of the combination of red wine and protein in red meat, this will cause symptoms of indigestion, which means there is no nutritional effect. Red wine can not be combined with seafood.
Red wine must not be eaten with vinegar. When you drink wine, if you put vinegar in it, it will make the wine lose its vitality and the taste will become dull and tasteless. But lemonade is the best choice for wine, you can combine
You must not eat spicy food when drinking red wine. Because spicy food will make the red wine ingredients lose their proper nutrients, and will change the taste and color of very ordinary wine, it will make the red wine special.
Above we introduced the problem of paying attention when drinking wine, so female friends must pay attention to these small details. If you drink improperly, it will have a negative impact, which will affect the taste and nutrition of red wine.