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Teach you to use purple vegetables to raise your face

Purple vegetables are common in people's daily lives, but many people don't know purple vegetables and beauty care, because they are rich in anthocyanins, and now teach you a few simple practices.
The first is the sweet potato white fungus soup: 1, the white fungus bubble, cleaned and cut into small pieces, 2, clean the purple potato peeling, cut into small pieces. 3, put water in the pot, put the silver ear down
Perilla mixed with cucumber: 1, cucumber and basil leaves washed and drained. 2. First, the cucumber is smashed with a knife, and the broken cucumber is cut into pieces and put together with the perilla leaves. 3. Put the garlic into the juice.
In addition to the above two dishes, there are some purple vegetables such as rapeseed can also be used to raise the face. For example, the fried rapeseed we often eat, fried cabbage, etc. are all good choices. You can modify it according to your own taste.