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Will the laser freckle effect rebound?

With the continuous development of science and technology, in recent years, minimally invasive treatment methods like laser beauty is also a new cosmetic method. This method can eliminate facial wrinkles and make the skin tender and tender with appropriate amount of laser irradiation.
The treatment with laser freckle is safe and painless, so it is popular in the clinic for beauty. The treatment method is to use pigment spots of different colors, deep into the subcutaneous connective tissue, and activate fibroblasts.
Patients usually only need three to five treatment courses, and the phenomenon of pigmentation can be improved, but it is worth noting that after the ecchymosis, daily care is also extremely important, otherwise there will be a rebound of the stain.
It is recommended that after laser treatment, the patient can apply anti-inflammatory ointment to the affected area every day, so that the wound will gradually form a sputum, which can be peeled off and pink for about one week. In this process, care should be taken to keep it clean and avoid being affected.
It is recommended that patients can take more vitamin A intake in their daily diet. In addition, patients should be calm in their mentality and avoid excessive anxiety, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.