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How to prevent the birth of acne

Acne, also known as acne, is the most common dermatological disease in adolescence. For patients, it is usually affected by many aspects, so how to prevent the birth of acne.
Remember to eat some fruit every day, so as to ensure the daily nutrients required, during puberty, need to add a lot of vitamins and protein, in order to ensure the development of nutrients.
Acne is also a mental illness. Excessive secretion during adolescence, leading to a few acne is very normal, then do not be too impatient, worried, irritated, this will aggravate the condition. Young women should use less cosmetics, it is best not to
It is very necessary to maintain adequate sleep, 8 hours a day, do not stay up all night, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, keep the environment clean, ventilated. Drink plenty of water, do not wait for thirsty and then drink, so that you can keep stool
Once you have acne, don't squeeze it with your fingers. If you squeeze, it tends to be getting more and more heavy.