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Head lice cause many small alopecia areata to be treated

I have always been a head lice patient, but the most I have a disease, I have alopecia areata, there is a very serious hair loss, which is the darkest of my life, seventeen, my favorite
Our patients with alopecia areata can be treated like this in normal things. Our patients with alopecia areata can use contact sensitizers. We can also use glucocorticoids. The most common drug for the treatment of alopecia areata in life is the propyl ketone.
When our patients and friends are treating alopecia areata, we can also use cyclosporine drugs. After half a year of treatment with such drugs, our patients can see the effect, and the treatment must be positively observed.
Patients with alopecia areata should be extra careful in their usual diet. Do not eat some greasy and spicy food to stimulate our skin. When we wash our hair, be careful not to use some alkaline shampoo. This will cause serious harm.
Patients should maintain a good mood in normal times. Our diet must be matched reasonably. Eat less food that stimulates us, change some alcohol, smoke bad habits, and eat more fruits rich in vitamins.