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My husband’s “rich hand” made me very hurt.

My husband is poor and poor, but he has born a wealthy hand. It will be eczema when it is wet, and it is very serious. Every finger in the right hand is rotten. Even the hand board is starting to rot. That itch, I really can’t wait.
Glutinous rice rinse, yam washed, ribs and simmered. Pork ribs put in the pot, remove and wash. glutinous rice, ribs, onion ginger, pour enough water, boil over low heat, simmer for an hour and a half. Yam go
This soup is taken continuously for seven days, and the eczema will slowly recede.
In order to prevent the eczema from returning, stop taking it for four days after stopping for four days. Anyway, this Dongdong is good for the body. It doesn't matter if you eat more. And I am completely good.
The cause of eczema is of course that your wastewater can not be discharged through the channels of politics. It is not good to reflect your spleen. The spleen is the water for transporting the water. The yam is spleen, but the glutinous rice is dehydrated, so both