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How to remove the scars left by the hand and foot

Skin sputum is a very annoying skin disease, it is easy to cure, and it is even more annoying. Let me tell you how to treat those scars left behind, and your healthy hands and feet. Of course,
The first step of medical treatment. Of course, to apply some medicine, here are recommended some more regular drugs, terbinafine miconazole or ketoconazole cream. Oral drugs such as itraconazole and fluconazole can also be used.
The second step is to maintain your own. First, avoid the mouth, do not eat spicy and exciting things, especially seafood and other seafood. Regularly do some aerobic exercise, let the skin detoxify yourself. Then eat more fruits, vegetables, pig blood, etc. is conducive to hydration
The third step is directed at treatment. Hand, foot and ankle are divided into a variety of, keratinized, blister, papular scale, rubbing and body sputum. 藓 is the reproduction of fungi, can be painted alcohol, go to the hospital for regular
Do not use your hands to get your hands and feet, because you are afraid of bacterial infections. Try to keep your hands and feet clean. Don't swim in the river. The water is dirty. If you can take a bath with rose petals, you will have a good mood and then be good.