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How long can AIDS take medicine?

How long does AIDS take to live? AIDS is a very common disease in our lives. The emergence of this disease has caused great harm to the physical and mental health of many patients and friends.
AIDS is a contagious disease caused by HIV infection through sexual contact or blood transmission. AIDS has a long incubation period of about half a year to 20 years. After the incubation period, it enters the disease.
There is no specific drug for AIDS. The long-term survival time for AIDS patients depends on the length of the incubation period. It may be several months or 20 years. Patients with a common clinical survival period of more than 10 years are not present.
In the aspect of taking medicine, it is necessary to carry out anti-viral treatment for a long time. Under the guidance of professional doctors, it is optimistic and cheerful. Many patients have at least 10 years of life. There is no problem, and cocktail therapy can prolong life. Patients must put
For AIDS patients and friends, we should quit smoking and alcohol in normal life; exercise properly. Maintain good mood and reduce psychological stress; take medication on time, check regularly. Get enough energy every day, need meat, eggs, milk, etc.