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There is a difference between body odor and odor

The stench is due to the excessive secretion of sweat glands, which is related to endocrine. Some patients are caused by genetic factors or infections of acquired bacteria. The specific cause can be diagnosed after the doctor has done the examination. The stench has been a long time and is easy to cause.
In Western medicine, the method of treating underarm odor is generally to use surgical methods to remove the axillary gland of the underarm, so that the sweat glands do not secrete sweat, and it will not cause sweat odor. In Chinese medicine, the use of externally coated Chinese medicine is generally used.
Patients should pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life. It is necessary to change clothes, wash clothes, and take a bath. To keep the armpits dry and clean, this can greatly alleviate the smell of stinking and try to avoid eating some