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What is the clinical manifestation of genital herpes?

01 1 Genital herpes is a common disease in men. It is highly contagious and has a relatively high incidence. It is usually transmitted through unclean sexual intercourse. Therefore, patients should pay attention to their living habits. As long as they do not go
02 2 The clinical manifestation of genital herpes is that blood red blisters will appear on a large scale at the beginning. After a few days, the blisters will quickly break. After the break, the skin will be ulcerated.
03 3 To treat this disease, you must drink some Chinese medicine for conditioning. Although Western medicine can treat it, it does not cure the disease. Although the course of Chinese medicine is slow, it can be completely treated. Serious patients need to do physical therapy. It must be treated during treatment.
04 Usually pay attention to light diet, do not eat spicy food, you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, because it is rich in vitamins, can supplement the body's missing vitamins.