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How much is the foreskin is too long?

01 1 The current hospital has also perfected the treatment of circumcision, and the cost of foreskin surgery is uniformly charged in regular hospitals, while the cost of some small hospitals seems to be relatively low, but they have more extra charges.
02 2 If you are worried that the cost of foreskin surgery is too high, it is more appropriate to choose a regular hospital. Their charges are reasonable and the treatment effect is more targeted. Generally, the cost of patients within two thousand can be solved, but if
03 3 The condition of the foreskin can be solved by surgery, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the cultivation after the operation. Many people do not pay attention to the conditioning and may relapse. It is recommended that you do not have sex life for half a month after surgery and pay more attention to personal hygiene.
04 Foreskin is too long to cause infection. Prostatitis caused by infection can lead to acute urinary retention, acute seminal vesiculitis or epididymitis, vas deferens, spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness, severe groin pain or renal colic.