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Causes and prevention of female alopecia areata

01 1 Some female friends may have alopecia areata. Such people tend to pay less attention to hair hygiene. When washing their hair, they may use a very alkaline shampoo or a messy use of protective materials.
02 2 Some female alopecia areata may be caused by monotonous diet, often partial eclipse or picky eaters. Other female friends may often be emotionally sensitive and nervous, and the external stimuli are very intense, and the market is angry, such people are prone to alopecia areata.
03 3 Of course, some women with alopecia areata may be caused by heredity. In fact, about 20% of the patients with alopecia areata are genetically ill. There are also autoimmune factors that can cause alopecia areata, specific immune disease.
04 down syndrome is often another cause of alopecia areata, and this type of alopecia areata patients often have autoantibodies inside the body. Alopecia areata must be actively prevented, and there are autoimmune diseases, such as autoimmune hyperthyroidism.