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What should be noticed by alopecia areata?

01 1 Usually pay attention to work and rest, pay more attention to exercise, do not close the door all day, lie on the bed, go to some places with better outdoor air quality, take a walk and exercise to breathe fresh air. Play badminton and fight Tai Chi,
02 2 Do not smoke, drink, overeating, eat more porridge food, eat more foods that are easier to digest, you can drink more chicken soup, fish soup, bone soup, ribs soup, trotters soup, are more nutritious, but also have more
03 3 Sleep time should be sufficient, don't sleep too late, do not sleep after more than 10 o'clock, can drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed, read books and listen to music are more helpful to sleep, usually do not go to some bars or KTV is more noisy
04 You can go to some professional Chinese medicine doctors to guide and arrange the Chinese medicine treatment. Generally speaking, the effect is quite good. Usually, you must have more sun and drink plenty of water. Try not to let yourself get sick, especially in the