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Sleeping legs are very itchy at night, how do you feel the itch in the bones?

01 1 sleeping at night is not good, often in the middle of the night will feel the leg is very itchy, feeling the inside of the bone is also itchy, the leg is difficult to make the phenomenon, then this phenomenon is mainly considered the phenomenon of restless leg syndrome.
02 2 Restless leg syndrome mainly considers the incidence of calf, but it also affects the upper limbs. The main manifestation is the soreness of back pain. The body has the feeling of walking, itching, pain, fever or incomprehensibility.
03 3 Restless leg syndrome is mainly considered to be a family hereditary disease. The main cause of the disease is calcium deficiency, ischemia, or lumbar lesions. The special treatment for restless legs syndrome is generally expanded.
04 In addition, usually pay attention to the legs to keep warm, sleep at night to raise the affected limbs properly, exercise properly. Warm feet before going to bed at night, massage. Avoid long-term sedentary. Avoid mental stress and anxiety.