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Treatment and prevention of diaper eczema

01 1 Generally, it is better to use eczema cream after smearing, and consider paying more attention to cleaning with water. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, and be sure to use diapers and other products that are not breathable.
02 2 If eczema is recovered or if eczema is not available, be sure to prevent the occurrence of eczema. Pay more attention to cleansing the body. In the summer, be sure to take a bath. You can apply talcum powder after bathing to improve it, and you can not use diapers.
03 3 When there is eczema, the food must pay attention to improve it. If you eat breast milk, the mother must pay attention to not eating spicy food. You can consider eating light food. If you are eating milk, pay attention to it.
04 When children have eczema, they will feel uncomfortable and cause crying. Therefore, it is best for parents to pay more attention to the cause and to appease more. The child will also improve well.