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Symptoms of vitiligo

01 1 There are many symptoms of vitiligo, mainly in many parts of the skin lesions, usually light pink pigmentation spots, according to the distribution of nerve segments in addition to skin damage, lips, labia, glans, etc.
02 2 In general, patients with this disease will not have obvious symptoms. A small number of patients will have local itching. It is important to note that vitiligo usually occurs with many diseases, such as adrenal insufficiency and scleroderma.
03 3 In addition, it should be noted that there are many types of vitiligo, such as scattered type, general hair style, limited type, etc. Most patients are scattered, and there will be extensive and scattered white spots on the skin, mainly distributed on the face and limbs.
04 For vitiligo, it is very important to prevent it from happening. Correct the habit of partial eclipse, exercise more, pay attention to the choice of fresh air when exercising, and always maintain a happy mood, not in a state of nervous anxiety.