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Where is the female syphilis in the early days?

01 1 Once syphilis is infected, it will appear in about three weeks. The main performance is hard sputum and syphilis. The hard sputum is mainly in the female genital area, and there will be obvious ulcer surface.
02 2 I want to follow him because of the symptoms of syphilis spirochete entering the body. Some patients will occur in the short-term when some patients are in the long-term, mainly in the genital area of ​​the affected part.
03 3 After the appearance of syphilis, it will cause swelling of the lymph nodes. Then, when there is hard chancre, the lymph nodes will obviously have a sense of swelling. It can be one color or both sides, so the incidence rate on both sides is relatively high.
04 What we said above is what symptoms are present when syphilis occurs. When a woman has syphilis, she should go to the examination as soon as possible, and go to the diagnosis as soon as possible. Once diagnosed as syphilis, it should be controlled and treated immediately.