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What is the cause of urgency, frequent urination and low back pain?

01 1 First, it may be caused by prostatitis. The urinary system or the urethra is very susceptible to infection by bacteria or germs. If it is infected for a long time, it will cause the prostate to become infected, which will cause prostatitis.
02 2 Second, it may be tired. Now there is a lot of work for life, learning, no matter whether the body can bear it, it will be sick in the long run. They often go out to socialize, drink a lot of wine, smoke a lot of smoke.
03 3 Third, may be caused by stress or long-term non-exercise. Now people's pressure is very large, employment pressure, work pressure, life pressure, old-age pressure will come after all kinds of pressure, plus the labor intensity of people
04 When we have symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and low back pain, we must exercise a lot. Don't sit for a long time. Exercise properly and relax as much as possible. Don't be stressed.