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How do pregnant women get hemorrhoids?

01 1 First, patients should not worry, to be treated properly, pregnant women can also use drugs, but can not use drugs that are irritating to the fetus. It is recommended that pregnant women with acne can use sulphur ointment. This drug generally has little effect on the fetus.
02 2 Secondly, hemorrhoids are more troublesome. It is recommended that patients change their clothes during treatment. They must be washed with boiling water and then exposed to the sun to kill bacteria. Do not use drugs indiscriminately.
03 3 In addition, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check it, to see how to treat it is more convenient, according to the results of the symptomatic treatment, pay attention to personal hygiene habits, pay attention to diet, light, usually eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more
04 Pregnant women suffering from acne should pay attention to be a personal hygiene habit, can not use some private items, the usual diet should be a reasonable mix, do not eat spicy food, pay attention to the husband and wife is best to treat at the same time.