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What happens when ejaculation is too fast?

Many male friends have existed or are suffering from this situation, often just inserted into the vagina of women, and ejaculated before it had time to twitch, seriously affecting the normal husband and wife life of male friends, let me tell you why.
First, excessive masturbation will shorten the ejaculation time and affect the harmonious sexual life of couples. Many male friends have had a history of masturbation. Generally speaking, there is no big problem, but prolonged unrestrained masturbation can lead to rapid ejaculation and premature ejaculation.
Andrology. Another reason for this situation is the existence of andrological diseases. Many male friends do not pay much attention to local cleanliness in their lives due to work pressure or other reasons. There are infections of andrological diseases, resulting in shortened ejaculation time.
There is also a long prepuce on the penis stimulation significantly increased, it is easy to ejaculate fast situation, therefore, if male friends prepuce significantly too long, it is recommended to go to the hospital early inspection, early prepuce cutting surgery, to avoid affecting husband and wife life.
In fact, many habits of life also have a small impact on this, life can not always be immersed in eroticism, which will cause great damage to vitality, it is easy to impotence and premature ejaculation.