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What are the symptoms of male infertility?

01 1 If men have ejaculation pain and urinating is also difficult, these men are also reluctant to ejaculate and urinate, which leads to the emergence of male infertility. In normal normal sexual intercourse, the male penis cannot be erect, or
02 2 Some males are born with azoospermia, which is one of the symptoms of male infertility. The general cause of male semen obstruction is caused by some urinary system diseases, and too little semen can cause males.
03 3 Hemorrhagic disease is also one of the symptoms of male infertility, that is, the semen is mixed with blood. It is usually characterized by bloodshot in the semen, which is usually pink or red. In addition, there are some abnormal sperm in male semen.
04 Male friends understand these symptoms, hope to find their own disease early, get treatment as soon as possible, of course, can not be blindly treated, must choose a regular professional hospital for treatment, and male infertility has a great impact on men's body and family,