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What is the obvious blood vessel after pubic erection?

01 1 First, male penile erection is a physiological process of congestive corpus cavernosum, so the blood vessels are particularly obvious after erectile erection. Each person's blood vessels are different, and local venous filling is normal. If there is no penile pain and other symptoms.
02 2 Second, after the penis is erect, the blood vessels under the foreskin of the penis are like skin tubes. When the penis is weak, the blood inside is less flat and flat. When the penis is erected, the amount of congestion will rise, which indicates the body.
03 3 Third, after the erectile erection, the blood vessels are particularly clear, which may be caused by varicocele. The varicocele is a common disease in young men, and it is a kind of spermatic vein that causes poor reflux due to various reasons.