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What should I do after eating Anrik?

01 1 First of all, drug eruption is very common. Patients should not have any psychological burden. They can relax and have a good mood. They can help the condition recover quickly. You can often go out and breathe some fresh air. You can read more books.
02 2 The patient should not scratch the affected area with his hands, because the skin is now in a very sensitive period. If the skin is scratched by hand, once the patient's skin is scratched by the hand, it is easy to cause skin infection of the affected area.
03 3 To maintain a good working schedule, don't have any psychological burden, because only a good mood can ensure that we have a healthy body. Don't stay up late for a long time, usually drink more boiled water, don't let the body get angry.
04 Patients can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in general, because a lot of vitamins can enhance the body's absorption. Vitamins have the effect of enhancing skin elasticity and replenishing skin moisture. So eat more, fresh vegetables and fruits are recovering from the disease.