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Pulmonary disease cycle

01 1 Psoriasis can lead to an increase in the psychological stress of patients. Many patients with psoriasis have a feeling of inferiority because of their illness. At this time, family and friends should give more relationships, and it is recommended to receive psychological treatment to achieve the disease.
02 2 Some of the treatments for diet can alleviate the development of the disease, and can prevent the occurrence of psoriasis. Among them, green tea, soy milk, yogurt, mushroom soup and big bone soup are all for psoriasis patients.
03 3 Now medical treatment for psoriasis can only achieve the effect of better treatment in the near future. The commonly used treatments for doctors are Ou Qibei Kang, and there are externally applied glucocorticosteroid creams or ointments.
04 Pay attention to rest, don't be too tired, keep personal hygiene. Ban spicy and cold food, no alcohol. Exercise, strong physique. Do not put too much pressure, keep a happy mood. Find the condition and go to the hospital in time.