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Does smoking cause impotence?

01 1 Yangshuo This disease has many causes and may be frightened, so there is a shadow in the spirit, it will be impotence, there are bad habits, sleep late, life is chaotic, there is no law, may have an operation before.
02 2 Yangshuo disease should be treated like this, sexual psychotherapy, know why the patient will have impotence, then explain how he wants to treat, usually maintain a happy mood, listen to the song, watch the movie, let the husband and wife encourage each other, not
03 3 Yangshuo prevention of this disease, no smoking, smoking people should quit smoking, life should not stay up late, usually wear jeans, wear cotton sweatpants, work not too tired, pay attention to rest, eat something to kidney and
04 Once a man discovers the disease, he should go to a regular hospital. Don't take medicine, don't eat earth, be regular, don't feel shy, keep a happy mood, don't worry, need encouragement from husband and wife, don't