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Is the Golden Sophora white snake useful for head lice?

01 1 First: Select Jinshen ginseng white flower snake lotion lotion to apply to the affected area, apply 6 to 8 times a day, observe the effect after two weeks of continuous medication, and do a direct microscopic examination of mycology to record whether the patient has medication during the treatment.
02 2nd: 50 cases of femoral hernia external application of Jinshen ginseng whitening snake lotion lotion treatment were effective after two weeks, no adverse reactions occurred. 12 cases of body phlegm, 10 cases of recovery were 83.33%, 1 case was markedly 8.3%,
03 3 Third: Jinshen Ginseng White Flower Snake Toner is the latest pure Chinese medicine anti-bacterial product. It is composed of honeysuckle, Sophora flavescens, white flower snake and purple flower ding. It has broad-spectrum anti-fungal activity on the skin.