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Does a man's genital shortness affect a woman's pleasure?

01 1 Male expert pointed out: In sexual life, whether men can meet women, whether the sex life between men and women can be climax, mainly depends on whether the male genitals are erect, of course, the length of the penis is also a part of the icing on the cake.
02 2 In general, women's vagina is more sensitive, large and thick genitals, is more conducive to the arrival of female orgasm, because in the process of excitement, blood vessels will shrink, which is very important for both sexual stimulation. No
03 3 Short genitals are prone to impotence and premature ejaculation. Especially for men with excessive prepuce, sex life is a big mess, so the size of male genitals is very related to the pleasure of women.
04 The genital short is now the best solution is genital extension.