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What are the special drugs for treating hand, foot, and sweat?

01 1 Do you know. Hand, foot and ankle are divided into blister type, erosive type, keratinized type, etc. according to different symptoms. Because the types are different, the treatment methods are different, so don't use your own medicine. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital.
02 2 Although there is no special taboo on the diet, it is necessary to pay attention to eating cold, greasy, spicy, irritating food, eating light, delicious, nutritious food, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
03 3 bathing can install solar energy, water heater in the home, if conditions do not allow, you must go to the bath, then bring your own slippers, pay attention to the hygiene of public places. Also use the washbasin, foot basin, slippers, etc. at home, after use
04 Wash hands frequently, wash your feet, take a bath, and bring gloves when you are doing housework. Protect your hands, drink soapy water and washing powder. Buy shoes and clothes. Don't look good, the most important thing is comfort and ventilation.