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What about neurodermatitis?

01 1 The first one is that we must find out the cause of the disease as far as possible, and remove the possible elements, so that we can treat it very well, and we must prevent bad stimuli such as repeated scratching and hot water scalding.
02 2 Then there is that if we have this neurasthenia or the mood is fluctuating, we can take some rest and calm drugs to assist you. If you are like a stimulating diet, you can't eat any more. Pay more attention to rest.
03 3 There is also a patient with facial dermatitis in our face. It should prevent patients with new diseases such as herpes simplex and prevent viral infections from aggravating the disease. Other patients with slow disease may use this gamma globulin or polymyosin.
04 Finally, what we want to say is that we should develop excellent hygiene habits and do a good job in personal hygiene. We should always use warm water and Panyu to clean our facial skin so that we can better block the infection.