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These everyday things are the best for men to kidney!

01 1 In fact, in our lives, black beans are foods that are often seen. Black beans are rich in trace elements and have good effects against aging and blood pressure reduction. Therefore, we usually have to eat black beans.
02 2 Everyone knows that women eat gelatin, but the health effect of men eating gelatin is also very good. Ejiao promotes health and improves the balance of calcium in the body through the influence of calcium metabolism.
03 3 Chinese angelica is also a very good kidney, Jiazhi contains a variety of medicinal ingredients, can improve kidney function, reduce kidney damage, and protect the kidneys.
04 4 everyone should eat more black sesame seeds, it can prevent anemia, activate brain cells, black sesame can also treat dizziness caused by liver and kidney weakness, limb weakness and other diseases.
05 5 Everyone generally likes to eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber has good function of nourishing kidney and moistening dryness, nourishing qi and nourishing blood. It is often used to treat frequent urination and constipation.
06 6 We also often eat lily, lily contains a variety of alkaloids, which is very good for the prevention of leukopenia, and can improve human immunity.
07 Although the food can be good for kidney, if the kidney is out of order, it should be treated in time.