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How does the woman suffer from genital warts?

01 1 In the usual habits, pay attention to hygiene, do not use other people's underwear, swimwear and bath tub; do not wash the pond in public baths, advocate shower, do not sit directly in the bath seat after bathing; use as much as possible in public toilets
02 2 Some women can wash their underwear in order to facilitate the underwear. However, the underwear is best washed with a mild soap. Do not use strong washing powder or washing machine. Wear cotton underwear.
03 3 Also pay attention to some dietary contraindications, do not blindly carry out, avoid eating aggravation and lead to aggravation of the disease. People who are sick should preferably smoke less and drink alcohol. Usually go out to exercise, enhance their physical and physical resistance. Breathing fresh
04 Don't feel embarrassed, most female friends will have some gynecological illnesses, so you should pay attention to your usual habits. Please remember to go to the toilet after you go to the toilet, because the anus may bring a lot of bacteria, so after going to the toilet, please