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Causes of alopecia areata

01 1 There are many reasons for repeated alopecia areata. The most important reason is emotional instability, frequent staying up late, severe sleep shortage, stress, long-term nervousness, anxiety, etc. These may lead to repeated alopecia areata, so everyone should keep a good mood.
02 2 Another reason is that excessive dieting may also lead to repeated alopecia areata. Some women often do not eat for beauty. For a long time, the nutrient supply of hair is not good, it is easy to dry, has no elasticity, and causes hair loss, so we must ensure daily life.
03 3 Another cause of alopecia areal is to always perm or dye hair. The chemicals in the hair dye will stimulate the scalp and cause hair loss. Therefore, it is best to burn your hair once a year to protect your hair.
04 In short, there are many reasons for hair loss, so everyone should develop good living and living habits in their daily life, so that they can get up early and get up early, have good health in their diet, and have to diversify their food.