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How long does HIV survive in the outside world?

01 1Hello, the cause of HIV formation, and listen to me slowly to listen to you, first of all, the human body contains HIV, this cell will not affect human health when it is within the normal range, but once
02 2 The onset and infectivity of HIV: Many people do not have HIV under normal circumstances, because normal people generally do not have access to HIV bacteria. Gonorrhea attacks mainly rely on skin contact, and more are sexual.
03 3 There is also a possibility that many women have doubts, they are still single, there is no relationship, how can they get HIV? In fact, this is because there may be too many HIV patients to contact, resulting in saliva
04 It is not terrible to get AIDS. As long as scientific treatment is completely treatable, you should not worry too much. While paying attention to protecting yourself in life, you should also protect others and avoid transmitting HIV to others.