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The difference between neurodermatitis and leukoplakia

01 1 The first difference between neurodermatitis and vulvar leukoplakia is the location of the disease. The second difference is the color change of the patient. This is easier to distinguish. The vulvar leukoplakia is initially itchy and later red and swollen.
02 2 Neurodermatitis is also common in the neck. When neurodermatitis appears in the vulva, symptoms of pruritus in the pubic hair will appear, and the patient will appear grayish white. After a long time, there will be mossy symptoms.
03 3 patients with neurodermatitis are mostly due to the development of acute inflammation, but vulvar leukoplakia is not, the skin damage of neurodermatitis is more obvious, the main symptom of the disease is severe itching, anti-itch can be used to treat neurodermatitis.
04 suffering from neurodermatitis and vulvar leukoplakia, usually should pay more attention to local hygiene, pay attention to diet, do not drink, do not eat chili, seafood and other irritating food.